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Bright, Sunshiney Day!


The weather here the past few days has been gorgeous, and I am slowly beginning to feel better.  I am going to focus on the strong moments and less on the weakness and fatigue as I move forward.

Good weather really affects my mood and attitude.  Does anyone else experience this?  Today is warm and sunny with temps getting into the 70’s tomorrow and Monday.  This type of weather makes me feel uplifted and hopeful.  I love the sun shining on my face and the feeling of warmth that radiates through my body. I love hearing the birds sing and seeing all the migratory breeds return to my bird feeder. I love the blossoms on my Cleveland Pear tree and Japanese cherry tree;  the pink blossoms on my heather bushes, and the heady scent of the purple hyacinth.  Next will be my ultimate favorite: The Lilac bushes. I have a huge purple lilac that grows on the side of my front porch.  I can sit there and breathe in the aroma while reading or just relaxing for hours.  Lilac is my favorite scent of all the spring flowers.  It evokes memories of my childhood that make me smile.  Growing up we had a large bush that had a cave under the branches where my sister and I would play.  My mom would cut flowers and we would give them to our teachers, and she would bring them inside and fill vases with them so we could enjoy the short lived season the most.

Spring’s newness is always filled with hope and promise.  Trees and plants that were dead for the past 6 months, resurrect to become beautiful living things.  We can learn from the seasons and celebrate our lives as the gifts they truly are.  I have learned much the past 5 and a half years and the most important thing is how precious each day is.  Live everyday as if it were your last.  I mean it.  Tell the people you love that you love them.  Smile at strangers; you may be the best part of their day and it cost you nothing. Notice the little things like the clouds, or how the sun reflects off something. Most importantly, thank God for all the good in your life. Laugh everyday.  Hug someone everyday. Eat your favorite sweet every week ( I’d say everyday if it’s a small piece of candy but if it’s cheesecake you’ll be in trouble!).

In conclusion, just get out there, take a deep breath and feel the sunshine on your face and smile. Life doesn’t get much better than that. XO


I Think it’s Finally Winter!


Compared to the extreme winter of 2015, here in eastern Pennsylvania, we have been very lucky with the very mild conditions so far. I am loving the mild temperatures and lack of snow.  I’m of the mind that if it didn’t snow for Christmas then Spring should be right around the corner.  If Mother Nature couldn’t get her act together earlier, don’t even think about dumping snow in March when my daffodils and crocuses should be popping up.

While I find my sentiments reflected among my new hospital family, I am shocked at how alone I stand with the general range group of people like to annoy the fair weather sun -soakers like myself.  I call these people Skiers.

I have 4 such people in my house and they drive me insane.  I have nothing against skiing.  I used to ski before the kids came around and although I never could relax enough to fully enjoy it, I was a decent intermediate skier.  My husband worked as a buyer for the ski industry when we met.  Once our oldest daughter came along, there was less time.  Once my husband left the retail ski industry and went corporate with a totally different type of business, there was even less time.

The past few years My husband has gotten back into the sport, while also introducing my nephew and two of my three daughters to skiing.  This year the kids have all their own equipment and last weekend was the opening of their favorite mountain.  The girls did great and are excited for a fun season.  My nephew is at college so he will be going every weekend.

And so starts my period of being the ski widow until April.  I get to do laundry, and cook, and clean because the chores the girls have on weekends now go ignored in order to hit the slopes early. I bum around the house and watch Netflix and basically wait until they return.  Of course my darling hubby will be too exhausted to go out anywhere so my social life will diminish also. Every social event on the calendar has to go on last minute because if the weather is good, they won’t be home.  I’m always invited along even if I can’t ski.  I’m told to bring a book and sit by  the propane torch heaters they have or to sit by the fire pit or at the bar.  What my DH doesn’t understand that sitting in the cold for 6 hours alone waiting for them to be finished isn’t fun.  Now, if there was a spa involved…..

So although it was cold today for it to actually snow, and flakes were flying for a good two hours; nothing stuck to the ground, and this afternoon was blue sky and sun. Winter will eventually rear its ugly head but I am hoping on a much milder version than 2015.

Stay warm-


Lots To Do, Little Time


Happy first day of Winter!  Let me guess, you thought you hibernated and it was the first day of Spring because it’s going to be in the 60’s and 70’s for the next week?  Alas, poor Mother Nature seems to have lost control over Heat Miser and we are being punished with a warm Christmas.

Do not get me wrong, I hate the cold, and winter is my least favorite season.  The only time I actually want it to be cold and for it to snow is at Christmas.  If I wanted it to be 70 on Christmas Eve, I would have moved to Florida. I am so behind.  It doesn’t help that I had surgery yesterday to remove my ruptured breast implant either.  Thankfully, I can report that it went well, and I am in less pain this morning than I have been in 2 months.  What a relief to have that damn thing out. Anyway, I still have stocking stuffers to get for the hubby and 4 kids, bake several different types of cookies and a pecan pie, wrap all the gifts, rustle up the lazy teens to clean the house, make the food shopping list, and finish the laundry. Phew! It will get done, it always does.

This year it is just the 6 of us at home.  Nowhere to visit or people to have over and we are all excited about this.  Instead of a formal dinner, we are getting crab legs, and having all our favorite picky foods like potato skins, shrimp, veggies and dip, and my personal favorite, baked brie and brown sugar walnut crostinis.  I am sharing this amazing recipe to all you lovelies because not only is it easy to make, it is to die for, even if you think you hate Brie cheese.

Grab a bag of pre-made crostini toasts in your bread department.  If your store doesn’t carry these, simply slice up a french baguette and brush with olive oil on both sides.  Place on cookie sheet covered with parchment paper and bake for 10-15 minutes, turning half way through, in oven at 400 degrees F.  Leave these on cookie sheet. Keep oven on.

Wheel of Brie cheese/1 half cup finely chopped walnuts/1 half cup melted butter/ 1 half cup dark brown sugar

Slice wheel of brie in half, and slice up the cheese in 1/4″ thick pieces, long enough to fit onto your crostini bread.

Melt butter in microwave, when done, add brown sugar and walnuts and mix with a teaspoon until combined.  The mixture should be on the drier side, rather than runnier.

Top each crostini with some nut mixture.  You can always go back to add more to any sparse ones. Once they are all topped, Place back into the oven for 10 more minutes or until cheese is starting to melt. Place on tray and serve while hot. Enjoy with your favorite sparkling beverage.

Happy Christmas eating,