My biggest passion is to read.  I have loved books all my life.  Every summer was spent riding my bike to the library in town and getting lost in the children’s/young adult section.  The library was cool after the heat of the sun and I would spend hours looking at books deciding which ones to take home.  As I grew older, I continued to read, sometimes at the expense of my homework or sleep. I couldn’t stop.  Looking back, reading has been the best education and I think there should have been a major in reading at my college!

I welcome authors new and experienced to send me their books to read.  It can be in kindle form or an e-book, or even a hard copy.  I promise to read it and review it here on this blog.  Having cancer and not being able to drive has its perks:  I have nothing to do all day except read, write, and blog!

Please feel free to contact me at

I will also be writing reviews of books I have recently read and posting them here.