For those of you who have run across this term on my blog, or have even wondered what it is, I thought I would explain the importance of this.  All cancer sells hold sugar in their bodies.  A PET scan uses a radioactive marker or dye, that is injected into your vein in a single dose shot.  The day before, they ask you to limit exercise and sugar content just so the natural sugars in your body don’t increase and give a false positive result.

Once the dye is injected, you are placed in a room to relax for 45 minutes.  The room has a dim light, a TV and magazines and they give you warm blankets and water. It’s kind of like a spa! They encourage you to take a nap, which isn’t tough for me.  After 45 minutes, they bring you back to the scan room which is similar to an MRI machine.  You lie prone on your back and they strap you in so feel secure on the table.  The table slides in and out, as the scan is typically taking hundreds of pictures from your nose to your mid-thigh.  These images are searching for lit up clusters or excess sugar . indicate where there are cancer tumors

For me, I already know that I have a large area of active cancer in my collar bone. They will be measuring the size of this mass as well as looking for any other areas the cancer may have gone.  For example, has it spread to my liver, my lungs, or my bone?  Or is it in a few places?  By knowing this, they can match the proper treatment and length of treatment to best destroy the cancer.

So, my hope today is that the cancer has stayed in the collarbone and brain and has not traveled anywhere else!  If you have any questions, are dealing with a cancer diagnosis yourself, or about a loved one, please contact me for links to where you can get help and information.  I am also always here to listen.  XO

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